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Emily & Dave - Engagement Session


If you woke up one day with retrograde amnesia, lost in an unfamiliar city, with no friends and no idea of what to do next, you'd probably want to run into a couple like Emily and Dave. No, they aren't detectives, and they don't know the secret to recovering lost memories, but one thing is for sure: they're the types of calm, patient, kind-hearted and laid back people you'd want to run into if your life suddenly turned upside down. Things just seem to get better when you're around them.

In fact, Emily and Dave are so natural, so easy-going, and so ready to smile that they even made us, the photographers, look good. Posing and directing these two during their portrait session was just a string of broken sentences, "Okay, stand right there, look into each other's eyes and smi...perfect! Now hold her han...excellent! Now turn and...wonderful!" We actually felt a bit like spectators. It almost felt as if we were just lucky enough to happen upon two picture perfect lovers strolling though the park who oddly didn't mind a camera in their faces. And that kind of mood is perfectly fine with us.

- Breighton & Basette