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Anna Marie & Steve - Engagement Session


Anna Marie and Steve are cool. In fact, when you spend time with them, you may get the feeling that they might be cooler than you are. But you don't mind, because they're humble about it. We probably could have done their photo session in the middle of an earthquake, surrounded by fire, with a sharknado approaching on the horizon, and they would've still posed nicely and calmly. And, we wouldn't be surprised.

So it's also not surprising that these two love birds pulled off the look of 'effortless cool' during their photo session...on a busy the middle of a hectic park...while being watched by large crowds of onlookers and baseball fans. Then again, maybe it had nothing to do with being cool. Maybe it was actually a result of the fact that they're so in love, it didn't really matter who was around or what was going on. That wouldn't surprise us either. After all, when we'd tell them to kiss, we'd have to keep remembering to also tell them to stop once we got the shot. Otherwise...they'd probably still be out there.

- Breighton & Basette