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Kirsten & Ryan - Engagement Session


If you can't enjoy yourself around Kirsten and Ryan, there may be something wrong with you. But just remember to expect the unexpected. You'll still be surprised, but at least you won't be shocked by the fact that you're shocked. Yes, that sounds confusing, but after a few minutes with them it will all make sense.

Every couple is unique, but these two have the rare trait of seamlessly switching between comedic and serious, playful and stern, irreverence and reverence. Somehow, they know which mode they're in, but you don't. They have their own tempo, and you're just along for the ride. But that's where it gets fun. They'll make you laugh, then stop, then chuckle, then wonder, then smile.

So I guess it made sense that we had such a good time at their engagement session. Like any good story, they kept us guessing. And like any good love story, their chemistry is pretty obvious.

- Breighton & Basette