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INTERVIEW: Michelle Kinne of Blue Dahlia Events


We had the pleasure of interviewing Michelle Kinne of Blue Dahlia Events, a unique wedding coordination team based in Cincinnati, Ohio, that specializes in assisting brides with the final stages of creating their dream weddings. In our interview, Michelle touches on everything from the role of a Day-Of Wedding Coordinator to advice for brides on how to truly enjoy the wedding they've planned.

Q. How did you get started in the industry?

A. When I planned my own wedding I was in between career paths. I had vendors asking me after the wedding who planned it. When I told them I had planed it, they asked what I did for a living. Cue a lot of reflection and the beginning of Blue Dahlia was born!

I realized I had actually had numerous planning-related experiences in my life and was uniquely qualified for this job. I will say, the one area I had a lot of growth was how to run a business. But once I got more experience in that area we were off and running!

Q. What is your favorite part of your job?

A. I love helping people. Every job I’ve ever had involved giving to others. My favorite part of this job is getting to help couples and families enjoy a special, but sometimes stressful, time in their lives. Seeing them enjoy the fruits of their labor on the wedding day is the best part of the job. The smiles and happy tears are the best!

Q. What services and help does Blue Dahlia provide to brides?

A. Blue Dahlia actually specializes in Day-Of Coordination. Coordination is different than planning in that the couple plans their wedding on their own. Then Blue Dahlia comes in at the end and helps them finalize plans in the weeks leading up to their wedding and then runs the wedding day so the bride, groom, parents, bridal party, etc. can just ENJOY the day! 

Q. Why is the role of a Day-Of Wedding Coordinator so important?

A.  One thing we say about day-of coordination is every couple can benefit from it. Even if you have a handle on planning your wedding, worrying about how the day is going to go, what to do if something unexpected comes up, dealing with phone calls from vendors, and everything else logistical is not something we want brides to worry about on their wedding day. And really, we don’t want moms, sisters, aunts, or any other friends or family members worry about it either. Hearing them reflect “we just got to enjoy the day!” says it all for us.

Book vendors first. then move on to the pretties :-)

Q. What is the most common regret you hear from brides?

A. Not hiring their vendors sooner. There are a lot of decisions that brides can make gradually like colors, decorations, and gifts. However, vendors are time sensitive because many can only do one or just a few weddings per day. There’s nothing worst than talking to a bride and hearing that the vendor she really wanted was already booked. So I always recommend, book vendors first. Then move onto the pretties:)

Q. What are some of the reasons a bride should hire a professional wedding planner instead of going it alone or asking a friend or family member to do the planning?

A. Two big reasons. One, we want your friends and family to ENJOY the day! If they’re your planner or coordinator, they’re going to end up working on the wedding day, rather than celebrating with you.

The other reason is we’re experts at what we do and are equipped to deal with the potential issues that may arise on a wedding day. Of course we hope for a seamless, smooth day. But as we say “it’s your wedding day, but it’s still a real day.” Little things come up and our team is trained and ready to quickly resolve issues without having to stress the family or friends with the issues.

So hire a professional and let your friends and family be friends and family.

Q. What is the best thing you’ve ever seen at a wedding?

A. We had a groom write a song for his bride and perform it with his friends at the reception. The videographer captured it on film and it’s priceless! He took down the house. 

You can find out more about the amazing wedding planning team of Blue Dahlia Events by visiting their website at

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