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" Our most valuable possessions are those which can be shared without lessening: those which, when shared, multiply..."

-William Danforth

It’s with great pleasure that we present our new Breighton & Basette Photography blog!

When our old blog hosting service unexpectedly went out of business we were heartbroken. All of our hard work and all of our posts were suddenly gone. We were back to square-one. But, we had to move forward. So we brushed it off and took it as a challenge...a challenge to not only replace our old blog, but to create something different: more personal, more detailed, more connected.

We decided that this new blog would be a place to share some of our favorite stories, our irreverent gear reviews, our unusual opinions on the world of photography, and our generally random thoughts. Would anyone even be interested? We weren't sure. But no matter what, we'd have some fun.

Deep down, we're just two mid-western guys that really enjoy our work. As brothers, we grew up with a passion for telling stories about the beauty of life, love, faith and family. Those stories live here.

Welcome to the online home of Breighton & Basette Photography.


Breighton & Basette