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It’s a well known fact that photographers are notorious for having very few of images of their loved ones. I’ve tried to buck that trend with all my might—to the extent that my loved ones will allow it!—because I feel a sense of duty to record those moments that we’ll remember for years to come.
Plus, it gives me an opportunity to work on new techniques ☺
I’ve always been a huge fan of movie director David Fincher (Fight Club, The Social Network, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, Gone Girl) and more specifically his cinematographer of choice, Jeff Croenweth. Fincher/Croenweth films have a very deep and brooding aesthetic; mellow and dramatic.
Recently, my beautiful girlfriend made the decision to cut her hair—really short. Here it was—a “moment” that I, as a photographer, had to document because, I’m a photographer. And it was an opportunity to try my hand at capturing the Croenweth aesthetic.
I rushed to her place that evening, camera in tow. She opened the door, and I was floored—in a good way.
I absolutely loved it…she was gorgeous.