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Betty, Chad & Co. - Family Session

A crisp autumn morning, and Breighton and I were at the location; scanning the scenery, searching for the light. It’s all about the light. The family has young children; experience tells us that if we can get a solid hour, we’re doing good. The leaves had begun falling, especially in the clearing near the Heritage House—some leaf fight shots, perhaps?—and the air was clear. I had my obligatory cup of coffee—none for Breighton; he’s a tea drinker—and we got our shot selections organized. We were ready.

Then they appeared.

I have to be careful with my hyperbole, lest I run out of awesome words to say about our next client—but this family looked good. Like, department store catalog-good, photo-that-comes-with-the-frame-good—and they were so eager to begin. Betty, Chad & Co. were camera-ready. This was gonna be fun.

We started near the clearing, and made our way across the bridge to the waterfall. Betty was a hoot, Chad’s humor had us in stitches, and the girls were about as cute as you can imagine. I asked them about their favorite movieFrozen, of course—and requested for a short rendition of their favorite song. Before we knew it, we were belting out Let It Go for all to hear.

We took a walk into the woods, stopping near the stream while the girls searched for the perfect maple leaf. It was a perfect opportunity to catch Betty and Chad in a brief moment of intimacy that we were so lucky to capture.

All this, and we still had plenty of time to get that leaf fight in.

Goodness, we love our job.


- Basette