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Amanda & Eric - Proposal


Sweethearts. Yup. That's it. That's the best way to define Amanda and Eric. They're a pair of friendly, fun-loving, hilarious sweethearts. So when Eric asked me to photograph his surprise proposal to Amanda, I expected lots of smiling, hugging and laughing. They delivered.

But first, before I go on, there are a few things you've got to understand about these two. Amanda & Eric are the type of couple who ride around in the car happily singing, quoting movies, and making weird noises at each other. Odd, inexplicable noises. I'm not joking. They also love craft beer, and they're crafty pranksters. Honestly, if you can't enjoy yourself around these two, you should really get your head checked.

But they're also the type of couple that will do anything for each other and the people they love...and it shows. Call it karma, call it fate, I call it blessed. The way they treat others has been reciprocated in the form of a relationship that fits together like puzzle pieces. You probably haven't seen their type of love story told in any movie because they're relationship fell into place in such a cool and easy way, it would never fill 90 minutes. No relationship is perfect, but these two are perfect for each other.

So when it came time for Eric's proposal, I wasn't surprised at how perfect that was too. Amanda and Eric both like fall weather, pumpkins, apple cider, and apparently flannel shirts (which was serendipitous because neither of them knew what the other was going to wear and Amanda had no clue about any of this). From there the recipe was simple: (1) Take Amanda, her mom and her sister out on a cold fall day to an apple orchard with a pumpkin patch, (2) pick a 'random' spot to take some 'casual' photos, (3) notice that the snow has suddenly stopped falling at just the right time, and (4) have Amanda close her eyes and pose for a 'solo' portrait. Then finally, when she opens her eyes to find Eric down on one knee, capture all the tears, all the laughing, all the hugging, and some of the best surprise facial expressions I've seen on a bride-to-be.

Now you might be wondering: how did Eric pull all this off without Amanda getting suspicious of the fact that a photographer was openly following them around? Simple. She's the sister of my lovely fiancĂ©. So she's already used to seeing me with a camera in my hands. It was...perfect.

So now do you see what I mean about how things work out for these two? You've just got to love 'em. I know I do.

- Breighton