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Amanda & Eric - Wedding


What makes the perfect wedding day? Is it a day where everything goes as planned, or is it a day where everything happens as it should? Maybe, just maybe, the answer to that first question is much more simple than it appears.

It was a dark and moody day, and the on-again-off-again rain was like a child throwing an unpredictable tantrum. It would occasionally give brief pauses, but only to catch it's breath before pouring more tears, more thunderous stomping, and more screaming wind. In between those fits of rage were a few gasps of air, which gave the hope that things would improve...and that the outdoor wedding that was meticulously planned for over a year in advance...would finally go ahead as planned.

But it wasn't meant to be. And in a situation that would have been a test for any bride, Amanda passed with flying colors. She rocked it. As the weather tried it's best to reenact the entire plot from the 1973 film, The Exorcist, Amanda stared down the beast and never flinched. While others vacillated between worry and concern, she confidently stated, "As long as we still get married, it doesn't matter." And for Eric, an outdoorsman who intentionally looks for opportunities to battle the elements, a little moisture on his suit was just another day at the office. He was on a mission and nothing was going to stop him. He rocked it.

So on that dark and moody day, which mirrored the dark and moody day when they got engaged, Amanda and Eric got the cozy and intimate wedding they wanted...but in a way they didn't expect. Inside, sheltered from the rustic but rebellious outdoors that they both enjoy, Amanda and Eric didn't care about the rain. In their first official act as a married couple, they ignored all the outside noise, they exchanged their vows, they said "I do," and they made out in front of a bunch of their family and friends without any worries. They're in love. They rocked it.

- Breighton & Basette