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Why All the Fuss? It's Just a Freakin' USB Drive.

Customer experience means a lot to us...a lot. Seriously, if we're being honest, we might as well admit the truth: we want to become friends with all our customers. Yes, we know. That's a little unusual. But we don't mind being different. From the first meeting to the final delivery, we want to build a real customer relationship; a unique experience. That means we have to pay attention to the little things. Even things as little as a USB drive.

Not every job requires delivery on a USB drive, and we like to tailor our delivery method to match the needs of the job. Modern tech means that nowadays, for most jobs, online delivery is much faster and makes the most sense. But sometimes nothing beats a hard copy from our favorite local print shop, or the feel of a quality USB drive. Like a much anticipated present on Christmas morning: it makes a pretty awesome gift.

Sure, it's just a freakin' USB drive...but sometimes, the unnecessary is necessarily important.